Walk-In Tub Sizes

BOCA Walk-in bathtub sizes

So you are thinking about getting a walk-in tub for yourself or someone else. You are probably wondering if they come in sizes. Yes, they do. Walk-in tub designs accommodate different needs, so they come in different sizes.

So which size is right for you? We offer a wide variety of tub sizes for different needs. Our tub sizes work with different sizes of bathrooms and various layouts—Trust Southern Safety Solutions to provide you with an accurate tub size that fits your needs.

Our Tub Sizes

Southern Safety Solutions specializes in 7 main tub sizes. We find that these sizes accommodate all the needs of various people who need walk-in tubs.

1. Petite Narrow

The petite narrow is ideal for small bathrooms and other narrow spaces for installation. Besides this, it also has the advantage of conserving water. The size also allows it to fill and drain quickly. The petite, narrow tub is ideal for people 6’2 in height or shorter. The tub is about 26 wide.

2. Petite Short

The petite short tub is also good for conserving water. It is ideal for people 6’0 or shorter, and the tub is about 30 wide. It is suitable for slightly heavier persons and can fit in wide-space bathrooms. The tub also offers a faster fill and drain time.

3. Standard

The standard tub is the most popular because it appeals to different needs. You will often find standard tubs in homes and retirement places because it fits most spaces. The tub offers an excellent space-to-comfort ratio. It is suitable for people who are 6’2 tall.

4. Wide

The wide tub is ideal for people who need a larger seating area. You should get a wide tub for more space and comfort if you have ample bathroom space. The tub also has a wider door, ideal for wheelchair access. It is best for 6’4″ or shorter people.

5. Deep Soaker

A deep soaker is a great option if you want to have water levels above the shoulders. It is ideal for people 6’2 or taller. The tub is about 30” wide and can therefore accommodate people with different needs. The deep soaker is great for people with muscle pain above the waist.

6. Two-Seater

This is a unique tub you will not find anywhere else. The tub has two seats facing each other. The seats have separate controls for individual needs and comfort. But it is also ideal for solo use.

7. Wide-Deep

And finally, this is the largest tub in the market. It is the best option for people who need maximum space during baths. It offers wheelchair access thanks to the large door. It also accommodates deep soaking.

Call Us For Tub Sizes!

We offer the above variety of tub sizes for different needs. With our help, you will get the right-sized tub. Therefore trust our experts to hook you up with a high-quality corrosion-resistant walk-in tub.

Southern Safety Solutions is your ideal tub provider. We will be in and out of your house in no time. We are reliable and affordable too. Contact us today for the best professional walk-in tub installation.

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