Walk-in Bathtub Installation

walk-in bathtub installation in north carolina

Walk-in tubs are a great investment. As the name suggests, it is a  special tub that allows users to walk into the bathing area then walk out once down. The structure has a door that locks and prevents water from flowing outside.

These tubs are popular in retirement homes and facilities for people with special needs. This is because older adults and people with special needs have trouble using regular bathtubs. These tubs make bathing easier and enjoyable.

More importantly, walk-in tubs have safety features that prevent accidents during bathing. Therefore, they are ideal for anyone prone to accidents. But they are not just for facilities; they can be installed in homes too.

If you or a relative has special needs that make bathing difficult, you can get a walk-in tub installation to improve the process. We at Southern Safety Solutions install walk-in tubs in homes and facilities.

Our services ensure that you have a great walk-in tub to use for years to come. We specialize in customization and only use high-quality installation materials. You can rely on us for proper walk-in tub installation.

What To Expect During Installation

We strive to remain the best installers in the community. As such, we ensure that every installation process completes seamlessly. When you purchase a walk in tub through us, here is what you can expect during installation.

1. Professional installers

We only send professional installers to your home or facility. Our installers are all factory certified. Therefore, they have the necessary skills to install different tubs accurately. Feel free to ask questions about the installation process and expect kind responses from everyone on the team.

2. Counter checking the product

Before installation starts, you get the chance to examine the product. We want you to feel confident that the walk-in tub is the one you chose. We will show you the tub, and you can ask questions about the features to confirm.

We are very accurate with order installations, so we will always bring the correct tub. However, we encourage you to view the tub before installing it.

3. Complete installation

And next, you can expect a complete installation. We will install all the unique features of the walk-in tub and ensure that they work well. We also install the chairs, handlebars, and other additions that make the tub easier to use. This goes for customized walk-in tubs as well.

4. Tour of the features

And next, we guide you through all the special features of the walk-in tub you chose. We will highlight all the best features and other functions you may want to use.

5. Guide on operation

Next, we will call you for inspection and an introductory operation guide. Walk-in tubs have unique features that require some operation. Our techs will teach you how to operate the special features to understand the basic functions.

Call Us For Walk-In Tub Installations

So when you need a walk-in tub installation, come to Southern Safety Solutions. We offer affordable prices on tub installations. We are reliable, and you can count on us for a hasty installation.

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