Walk in Tub Therapeutic Options & Spa Features

walk in tub therapeutic options and spa features installed in greensboro nc

Walk-in tubs are great for helping older adults and those with special needs to bathe comfortably. They prevent accidents and give users independence. The tubs make bathing more enjoyable and accessible through walk in tub therapeutic options and spa features.

You can get a walk-in tub with unique features that make it therapeutic. It also gives the tub a spa-like feel through hydrotherapy. You can get customized features with Southern Safety Solutions walk-in tub installations.

Benefits Of Therapeutic And Spa Features

    • Soothing pain. The warm bath and jets help to soothe muscle pain. It is ideal for people with arthritis.
    • Relieving stress. The various features help to alleviate stress and anxiety. Chromotherapy helps to reduce stress.
    • Improving cardiovascular health. Warm baths help to improve heart health by lowering blood pressure. It also increases vessel dilation.
    • Reducing blood sugar levels. Warm water soaks also help reduce high blood sugar levels, which is ideal for Type-2 diabetes patients.

Therapeutic And Spa Features

1. Air jets

The air jets provide the body with a therapeutic massage that relieves stress. It is ideal for people with chronic pain. The air jets stimulate the muscles and soothe body ache. Our air-jet feature is ideal for people with arthritis and other conditions that bring chronic pain. The air jets stimulate endorphin production, which stimulates a feeling of well-being in the body.

2. Whirlpool jets

Whirlpool jets project water in a circular motion. This gives you a deep tissue massage in the comfort of home. The whirlpool jets help relieve sore muscles and joints. It is therefore ideal for chronic pain.

The stream of water gently caresses the body enhancing relaxation. The jets target sore spots and joints. It is a good option for relieving stress and anxiety too.

3. Air and whirlpool jets

Because both of the first options sound good, some users have trouble choosing just one. Additionally, some people need more than one jet feature for complete relaxation and soothing.

You can get the dual options of whirlpool and air jets. These two options provide a spa-like feel. It combines deep tissue massage with a stress-relieving massage. It relieves tension in multiple areas of the body.

4. Chromotherapy

This feature uses colors to promote well-being. We have tubs with chromotherapy features with different colors. Each hue corresponds to a vibration with its individual speed, wavelength, or rhythm. This process is psychological, and it influences the physical. Thus, it stimulates healing.

5. Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy uses essential oils to stimulate a feeling of wellness. They are plant oils and therefore do not have a greasy residue. We install tubs that support aromatherapy to reinforce the body’s natural defenses. You can get one for relaxation and relieving stress.

6. Pure MicroBubbles

For those who suffer from severe dry skin, eczema, psoriasis or ichthyosis and are experiencing any type of dermatosis such as rashes, itching, and redness our Pure Bubbles System will, without any additives, clean and relieve dry itchy skin by cleansing, exfoliating and rehydrating the skin.

7. Ozonator

Our Ozonator system keeps your walk in tub clean from bacteria and micro-organisms. In order to make the massage experience even more hygienic, we developed the O3 Ozonator system! The ozonator system cleans your whirlpool or water lines after you have used your bathtub instead of while you bathe

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