Safety Features of Walk-In Tubs

safety features of walk-in tubs installed in greensboro, nc

One of the best and most important functions of a walk-in tub is to enhance safety for users. Many accidents occur in the bathroom during bathing. People with special needs and older adults are more prone to slipping and falling in the bathroom.

Walk-in tubs have good safety features that reduce the risk of accidents. Additionally, they offer safe independence to users.

Southern Safety Solutions installs Boca Walk-In Tubs in homes for people with various needs. We chose Boca tubs because we believe their tubs have the best features. This especially applies to their safety and therapy features.

The Safety Features

1. Slip resistant-flooring and seating

Slippery tub floors are very common, and they cause a lot of accidents. Regular tubs are slippery, increasing the chances of falling. That is why we install tubs with slip-resistant flooring and seating. Less risk of accidents!

2. ADA Compliant Seat

Walk-in tubs are suitable for people with limited mobility and those who have trouble getting over high thresholds. These tubs have an ADA-compliant seat that is high and, therefore, easily accessible. It reduces the risks of accidents.

3. Grab bars

Grab bars help older adults and people with special needs comfortably get out of the tub. They also reduce accidents by giving users something to hold onto if they slip. 

4. Lowest threshold step in the industry

The design of the Boca Walk-In Tubs records the lowest threshold in the industry. It is only 2 inches high, making it easy for anyone with special needs to safely get in and out of the tub.

5. Leak Proof locking door

The leak-proof locking door feature ensures no water spills out of the tub through the doors. This ensures that the floor does not become wet and slippery. Therefore, users will have an accident-free step out of the tub.

6. Overflow drain

Similarly, the overflow drain feature drains excess water from the tub during baths. The drain prevents water from spilling onto the floor, so users are less likely to fall due to a slippery floor.

7. Anti-scald technology with thermostatic control faucets

The anti-scald technology prevents hot water from leaving the faucet and accidentally burning someone. The thermostatic control feature also protects against changes in water temperature even with sudden changes in the water supply.

8. Quick-release drain

And finally, the quick-release drain sucks down water quickly. It reduces waiting time, thus limiting exposure to cold temperatures and body heat release. Quick-release drains also reduce the likelihood of water-related accidents such as drowning.

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Rest assured that these tubs meet the safety requirement of walk-in tubs. The tubs are great for anyone who could use a little more room and comfort during bathing time. Similarly, they are the best for reducing the risk of accidents in the bathroom.

Do not put yourself or others at risk any longer, and instead, get a safe walk-in tub from a trusted company. Contact us today for professional walk-in tub installation. We are reliable, fast, and affordable.


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