Benefits Of Walk-In Tubs

benefits of walk-in tub installed in greensboro, nc

Aging comes with some challenges, but it should not take away life’s simple pleasures. Using a tub, for instance, is one of the challenges people face as they get older. However, walk-in tubs have significantly changed that.

More people are turning to professional walk-in tub installation because they have multiple advantages. So if you are thinking about it, learn the following benefits of getting a walk-in tub.

Advantages of Walk-in Tubs

1. Hydrotherapy

Walk-in tubs have therapeutic benefits tied to the whirlpool jets and other special features. They provide hydrotherapy benefits such as alleviating pain for conditions such as arthritis.

The tubs also improve cardiovascular health by lowering blood pressure and increasing blood vessel dilatation. Walk-in tubs with chromotherapy lights also reduce stress and anxiety. Regular warm baths also help reduce blood sugar levels, which is beneficial for Type-2 diabetes patients.

2. Combats Limited Movement.

If you have trouble with mobility, a walk-in tub will help you bathe comfortably. Walk-in tubs have a low step entry threshold. The design makes it easy to get in and out of the tub.

People who use walkers, wheelchairs, or scooters will enjoy how easy bathing will be. It is also suitable for individuals with trouble climbing over high edges or are scared of falling when coming out of the tub.

3. Improves The Value Of Your Home.

Walk-in tub installations are a good investment in the long run. Accessible features such as walk-in tubs are valuable in homes, especially if it is located in a retirement community.

The tubs accommodate the diversity of generations living in one home. Potential buyers will be okay paying more for homes like these. Therefore, you will receive more for your home if you sell.

4. Enhances safety

Older adults are more prone to slipping and falling. Studies show many accidents happen in the bathroom, during showers, or bathing. Slips and falls harm the individual and incur costs in medical bills.

Walk-in tubs make it safer for older adults and people with special needs to bathe. They greatly reduce the risk of injury thanks to the safety features, thereby saving money on medical bills.

5. Accommodates special needs

And finally, walk-in tubs are not only ideal for older adults but also people with special needs. Walk-in tubs provide ample space for those who need a little more.

For example, the tubs can hold the weight of larger persons. They also accommodate those who have trouble sitting and other issues that prevent using a regular tub.

A Walk-In Tub Is A Great Investment!

Perhaps the best thing is, you don’t need to give up your shower. By selecting the stand-up shower option, a standard height shower head will be installed in addition to the  handheld which is included on every tub.  Just get a shower curtain for those who want to use the shower.

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